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Have you been sexually or emotionally abused by someone who was supposed to protect you? Did you grow up in a household of chaos and dysfunction? Has grief or loss left you with a sense of emptiness? Often times, unresolved past trauma can manifest itself in the present as depression, anxiety, emotional volatility, relationship issues, and addictive behaviors. My approach in therapy is to target the root causes of your current struggles so that you get lasting results. I believe our inner guidance is the most powerful tool we have, and that we have everything we need within us to heal.


My work as a therapist is to hold space for you to find healing and meaning from difficult experiences, and I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere to do so.

The fact you are here shows that you have hope things can be better. Each of us is inherently whole just as we are, and we all have an inner strength that is fully capable of healing any emotional wounds from our past. If you feel guided to work with me, I would be honored to partner with you in this healing work.


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Katherine Anderson, LPC

2000 Sonoma Park Dr 

Edmond, OK 73013

(405) 494-6502

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